Metro express: Moscow underground speeds up

More trains will be operating in the Moscow Metro during rush hour.

Waiting times will be reduced by five to 10 seconds in the morning. The aim is to combat overcrowding by slashing the number of passengers in each subway car by 10 percent.

The new regime will be rolled out on the dark green, orange, grey and purple lines. Additionally, the trains will travel faster and have more cars.

Upgrading the Moscow Metro is one of City Hall’s current priorities. In as little as five years, the authorities plan to build no less than 79 kilometers of new subway lines, as well as 27 light-rail stations and another 16 standard ones. The mayor hopes the changes will help improve connections between the capital and its suburbs.

The subway’s infrastructure is also getting more customer-friendly. For example, the Metro’s first café recently opened, offering passengers 40 different types of cakes and biscuits. The Metro is planning to roll out a whole chain of underground cafés. Currently there are dozens of fast-food stalls in underpasses and stations which do not offer any seating.

The Moscow subway system will also become an easier ride for foreigners, as the head of the underground has ordered that all signs be translated into English. Currently foreign tourists and expats can only see transliterated versions of the names of metro stations in Latin letters on maps in the subways cars. The signs on platforms and underpasses are currently not translated, making it difficult to find one’s way in the wide net of underground stations and exits.


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