Development of payment solutions in Moscow metro

Moscow metro continues to explore innovative fare payment technologies and offers its passengers new ticketing solutions such as mobile phone and bank card payment systems.

Getting access to metro can soon possible just by swiping a mobile phone: to get this service, a passenger needs to get his SIM-cards changed and special NFC-antennaes installed into his mobile phone. At the moment, the system is being tested in Moscow metro in cooperation with the MTS telephone operator.

With the new application, passengers will be able to buy metro tickets with their mobile phones. Once the number of rides has been chosen, an electronic ticket is uploaded in the telephone. The NFC technology makes it possible to read the information from the telephone in the range of 10 sms. from the turnstile. The price for the ticket is automatically deducted from the passenger’s account and no extra charges apply.

Another ambitious project of Moscow metro is concerned with further development of bank card payment systems. As many as 17 banks offer their clients to use their bank cards as metro tickets. Up to now, the money was deducted from a client’s account at the end of each month based on the number of rides that a person had made. Now, advance payment is going to be introduced, and Moscow metro is renewing its agreements with the banks.

To save passengers’ time and further improve passenger service, Moscow metro is also going to install 1500 ticket vending machines selling tickets for one and two rides.


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