All perpetrators, masterminds of Moscow metro blasts identified

The investigation has identified all of the actual perpetrators and masterminds of terrorist attacks in the Moscow metro underground rail service that were staged a year ago at the Lubyanka and Park Kultury stations, spokesman for the Russian Investigative Committee (SK) Vladimir Markin told Itar-Tass.

“To date, investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia have identified all the actual perpetrators and masterminds of the attacks,” he said. According to the official, six of them have been killed and one is put on the international wanted list.

“The mastermind of explosions at the Moscow Metro stations was Magomedali Vagabov - one of the leaders of subversive and terrorist underground force in the territory of the Republic of Dagestan. Vagabov, the same as the other accomplices in the crime – Aliyev, Schaschayev, Magomednabiyev, Rabadanov and Isagadzhiyev offered armed resistance during their detention and were destroyed,” Markin added.

According to him, over the year that has passed since the terrorist attacks on the Sokolniki metro line that killed 40 people, investigators of the Investigative Committee jointly with operatives the Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Russian Interior Ministry have carried out a large amount of work. “They have questioned more than 500 witnesses, conducted 322 different forensic examinations, including bomb expert examination, chemical, technical and others. More than 40 searches have also been conducted,” Markin said.

The criminal case to date consists of 110 volumes. A total of 168 people have been recognised as victims in the case. The criminal investigation is continuing.