The former head of the Moscow metro Dmitry Gayev criminal case was opened

Dmitry Gayev, the former head of the Moscow subway, became a suspect in the criminal case under Article 201 of the Criminal Code (abuse of authority), which provides up to 4 years imprisonment as a penalty. This was reported by the official representative of the Investigations committee at the Interior Ministry, Irina Dudukina.

The enrichment scheme of the officer was unpretentious. January 16, 1998, he applied for and was awarded a patent for the invention of the Automated fare collection and verification of travel documents system for transport. Later, being in the position of Chief of the Metropolitan subway, in violation of Federal law No 161-FZ of 14.11.2002, ‘On state and municipal unitary enterprises’, he concluded an agreement with SUE ‘Moscow Metro’ to use his invention.

Thus, from 1999 to 2010, Gaev received from the state the copyright payments in the amount of 112 million rubles: 12 million – as a lump sum payment, and 10 million was paid each year, which means that he actually created a system of personal enrichment at the expense of his organization.

Numerous violations with respect to the lease of premises by the subway management, unreasonable overpricing of tickets and cover up of incidents in the subway have been identified, too.