How to survive on metro tracks

Moscow Metropolitan had issued an instruction what to do if you felt down on metro tracks:

If you felt on metro tracks and you feel that you can move, get up and go towards the head of platform (where first cattiage of the train stops). Do not approach to the edge of platform where high voltage rail is located. Go behind black and white strip, set on tracks an you are safe. One of metro employees get to you and move you out of tunnel.

If you felt down and you are injured or you see coming train, lay toward the train with your face down in the ditch between rails. Do not get out of the tracks yourself. Do not hide under platform edge, where high-voltage track is located. High voltage track conducts 825V. By the way, braking distance of the train is about 200 meters.

If you see somebody has felt down on tracks, please immediately call any metro employee or policeman, or use information column to inform operator of information center. If you see coming train you can waive your hands to show train opertator to stop the train.

If you see somebody felt down between train carriagies while train is stopped on station, you can prevent automatic carriage doors from closing, and attract attantion of train operator or other metro employee to the accident. In other words the train will not move if you block automatic doors. If you are inside the carriage use direct line to train operation which is located in each carriage.

To prevent such accedents do not cross the limitation line until the train is fully stopped on station.

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